Determined Australian sailor, Stacey Jackson, embarks on her second edition of Volvo Ocean Race with her 15+ years’ experience of sailing put to the test!


Stacey Jackson

Team: Vestas 11th Hour Racing

Position: Crew

Age: 34

Experience: 1 x Volvo Ocean Race; 1 x Round-the-world; 11 x Sydney to Hobart races

Hailing from sunny Mooloolaba on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Stacey loves all things outdoors including sailing, surfing, skating and stand up paddle boarding.

Growing up with sailing due to her father’s interest in the sport, Stacey, at the age of seven took up lessons and fell in love with it almost immediately. Gaining inspiration and motivation from a variety of athletes, Stacey said she looks up to the person’s character rather than their name.

“The sort of people I look up to are people that have followed a dream. They have enjoyed doing something and have achieved great things from it, not necessarily having titles or anything like that, but just schlepped it out when the odds were against them”.

Following her dream has allowed for Stacey to compete at sailing’s highest levels for over 15 years, in both onshore and offshore sailing. She has sailed 11 Sydney to Hobart Yacht races (including line honours onboard the Maxi Yacht Wild Oats), TP52 regattas, Mumm 30 World Championships and one Fastnet as well as the 2014-2015 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Preparing for each race is difficult in itself particularly the Volvo Ocean Race with Stacey saying, “It’s a hard one to be mentally prepared for. It’s a marathon of sailing, but at a sprint pace, so you know you’re going to have days where there possibly won’t be any sleep or it’s wet and cold constantly. It’s a real tough one and you have to go in the mindset that we are going out there to do this awesome race and we are going to kick ass. It’s what I love doing”.

Stacey’s love of sailing is evident and is emphasised by her. “There are probably faster ways to get around the world but it’s certainly for me a massive achievement to think we have gotten on a boat in one part of the world and gotten off in another part, all through our own doing”.

Follow Stacey’s progress aboard Vestas 11th Hour Racing